What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds once payment has been made for road tests and behind-the-wheel lessons. 

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel or reschedule your driving lesson by logging into your student account. To avoid a cancellation fee, you must cancel or reschedule lesson at least 48 hours before your drive time. Cancellations without a 48 hour notice will be charged a late fee of $50.

What if I need to cancel a lesson?

A $50 no-show fee will be charged if a student does not cancel any lesson or test at least 24 hours before a scheduled appointment. Additionally, students will be charged if the student is not able to show their original learner's permit, the permit has expired, or the student does not have their required corrective lenses as noted on their permit at the time of their appointment.  

Students who arrive late or have to leave early will not be charged $50; however, students will not have the opportunity to make up missed time.

What happens if my timeline runs out and my contract expires?

Contact our office if you are having difficulty completing your course on time. Depending on your situation, we can offer an extension, called a variance, for $100 per 30-days. If you have a situation, like a medical condition that prevents you from driving for a while, we can pause your contract when you contact us as soon as possible. 

Road Tests

Can I use my own vehicle for a road test?

No, you will use one of our vehicles for the road test. All of our testing options come with the opportunity for either a full lesson or a short practice lesson so you can get comfortable with the vehicle before the test.

Can I take a road test with an International License?

No, you will need a valid Texas learners permit or a restricted license. 

Can I take the road test at your school if I'm not a student?

Yes, anyone who is eligible to take the road test can take it at our school. You do not have to be a student.

Can I take my road test without waiting when I turn 18?

Yes, but you must have a valid permit. Your teen permit expires on your 18th birthday, and it must be renewed before you can test. 

Can a student take a road test before they turn 16?

No, a student has to be 16 years of age to take a road test.


Do any of your courses include a completion certificate for driver education?

None of our courese are approved for any part of driver education for teens or adults. All of our services are private lessons that focus on the student's needs rather than a curricuum developed by a state agency. These lessons are intended to be a stand alone course for adults or a suppliment to parent taught driver education with a more student focused approach than a traditional course. Our package of 7 1-Hour Lessons mirrors the state approved Teen Phase II 7/7 for parents that want something that is close to traditional driver education without the two hour time block commitment but wth a professional instructor who customizes the lesson for an effective outcome. 

Do you provide pick-up and drop-off for students?

No, you will need to meet at our school for all driving lessons and road tests. 

What do I need to start behind-the-wheel lessons?

A valid Texas learners permit or a restricted license is required to being driving lessons.

Can I sign up for behind-the-wheel lessons with an out-of-state permit or license?

No, you will need to have a valid Texas learners permit, a restricted license, or a license to register for driving lessons. 

Do I need to provide my own car insurance?

No, you are covered under our insurance for all lessons and road tests.

How do I received lesson reminders?

You MUST confirm your email and cell phone to receive text messages from the software.  You will see a popup when you log in to your account.  If you do not see a popup, click My Account and click the link "Confirm Now" and follow the steps. Providing you confirmed your email and text once you log in to your account, the software will send up to two email and text message reminders for each lesson you schedule. We can not be responsible for missing a drive time if you fail to follow these steps.

What happened to your Phase II Driver Education course?

We discontinued offering the Phase II in October 2022 becasue of several factors. First, a shortage of well trained and professional instructor available for hire made giving our students appointments to choose from difficult. Additionally, most students are busy with activities, and a two hour lesson was difficult for most families. Finally, we have noticed that our students who are taking private lessons that focus on their needs rather than a curriculum have performed much better than expected.